A Dr. Mario Love Story

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Follow the journey of a quirky married couple as they embark on an adventure to Columbus, Ohio, to compete in the fiercely competitive Dr. Mario championship, uncovering unexpected challenges and strengthening their bond along the way.

A Dr. Mario Love Story is an entertaining and funny documentary examining the dynamics of a married couple preparing for and attempting to win a Dr. Mario video game tournament in Columbus, Ohio. Shot entirely on iPhone and highly anticipated in the retro gaming community and competitors of the Dr. Mario tournament. A must-watch for gamers and couples.

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Cast and Crew

Mark Scheetz – Writer, Editor, Director
Dave Simione – Producer
Dana Sink – Self
Rachel Sink – Self

Director Statement

When my buddy Dana messaged me about this video game tournament going down in Columbus, Ohio, where he and his wife, Rachel, were preparing to compete, I was intrigued. When he suggested filming a documentary about their journey, I thought it was a solid idea. I figured capturing their quest for victory on camera would be a blast.

Deciding to film Dana and Rachel as they trained for the tournament wasn’t just about capturing gameplay or competition; it was about diving into their world of dedication, strategy, and the dynamics of their relationship as a married couple. Watching them sharpen their skills together and get ready for the challenge ahead showed me how much teamwork and passion define their partnership.

It’s been an incredible journey filming my friends as they chased their dreams, and I am honored to share their story.

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