The Quest for Karma

Karma can be a bitch, as one snarky gamer is about to find out. But maybe she can fix her Karma with a few good deeds.


Nikki Gasperreti
Marcus Hall

Produced by Dave Simione
Written, Directed, & Edited by Mark Scheetz

Director Statement

I wrote and directed “The Quest for Karma,” which started as an idea with my friend, Dave, at a local pub. We are both avid Dungeons & Dragons players, and at the time, we were playing with a group of friends who had more fun hanging out and drinking than playing the game. This aggravated the Dungeon Master to no end. Our little comedy short was born out of Dave and I twisting a little retribution tale out of our game, then flipping it to be a tale of redemption.

The movie follows Holly, a snarky gamer who is not the most popular player among her friends. After a heated moment at the game table, Holly storms out and goes to her local pub to vent and enjoy a beer. She spies a gold ring on the bar and takes it. She says, “Finders, keepers,” but once she puts the ring on, she starts getting hit by flying objects and comes to the assumption that the ring must be cursed. How does she break the “curse”? Watch and find out.