World’s Strongest Bro

Friends push their limits, both physically and socially, to create the ultimate, backyard strongman and beer drinking event.

Featuring Ryan Mock, Jon Norman, Nash Chartier, & Matt Turner

Produced by Dave Simione
Directed and edited by Mark Scheetz

Director’s Statement
I have actively participated in the World’s Strongest Bro event for five consecutive years, forging lasting bonds with both old and new friends. In the last two years, I proudly teamed up with my son for an unforgettable experience. The camaraderie among all the participants, as we constantly motivate and support one another to improve and grow stronger, has been truly inspiring. These incredible moments, shared with everyone during the event, have motivated me to create a short documentary, highlighting the essence of this competition and featuring some of the key “Bros” who contribute to its awesomeness each year.